Three-dimensional Au(NiMo)/Ti catalysts for efficient oxygen evolution reaction

  • Sukomol Barua
  • Aldona Balčiūnaitė
  • Jūratė Vaičiūnienė
  • Loreta Tamašauskaitė-Tamašiūnaitė
  • Eugenijus Norkus


In this study, three-dimensional gold-nickel-molybdenum (Au(NiMo)) catalysts have been studied as catalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction (OER). The catalysts have been deposited on a titanium surface using electroplating and galvanic displacement techniques. The modification of NiMo with a low amount of Au crystallites in a range of 1.2– 5.2 μgAucm–2 results in enhanced activity for OER in the alkaline medium compared to respective binary un-modified NiMo catalysts. The current densities for OER increase ca.1.2–7.3 and 1.3–5.1 times with an increase in temperature from 25 up to 75°C using the prepared 3D binary NiMo/ Ti and Au(NiMo)/Ti catalysts, respectively.