Solid-state synthesis and luminescence study of Bi or Eu-doped LiAlGeO4

  • Artūras Harnik
  • Martynas Misevičius
Keywords: luminescence, LiAlGeO4, X-ray powder diffraction, solidstate synthesis


In this research pristine, Bi-doped and Eu-doped LiAlGeO4 were prepared using a solid-state synthesis method. All samples were analysed by X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) and luminescence measurements. The highest Eu3+ concentration yielding monophasic samples in LiAl1-xGeO4: Eux was x = 0.08, while higher doping concentrations resulted in the formation of additional phases. The luminescence measurements revealed that the highest emission intensity was observed in the 16% Eu sample. Furthermore, the same sample demonstrated the highest quantum yield, while the longest luminescence decay was observed in the LiAlGeO4:Eu 1% sample. The temperature-dependent luminescence measurements revealed that phosphor lost half of its efficiency at 323 K.

Inorganic Chemistry