The validated method for the analysis of a mixture of psychotropic medicines olanzapine, clorazepate and escitalopram using a high-performance liquid chromatography method

  • Mamdouh Alasabashi
  • Augusta Ževžikovienė
  • Mindaugas Marksa
  • Laura Rimkienė
  • Andrejus Ževžikovas
Keywords: olanzapine, clorazepate, escitalopram, high-performance liquid chromatography, qualitative and quantitative determination


It was established that self-poisoning with antipsychotics, anti-anxiety drugs and antidepressants is caused by consumption of the drug in higher doses than prescribed. So it is very important to determine fast the materials causing poisoning and use the method which would allow one to identify several substances during only one analysis. Reference and test solutions were prepared in ethanol. A qualitative and quantitative analysis was carried out on a Waters Alliance 2695 liquid chromatograph equipped with a Waters 996 PDA detector and an ACE C18 (250 mm × 4.6 mm × 5 μm) column. The mobile phase consisted of solvent trifluoroacetic acid (0.1 %) and acetonitrile. The linear gradient elution profile was used. For the validation process the following parameters were chosen: specificity, repeatability, precision and limits (LOD and LOQ). According to the study results, it can be concluded that the validated method for the qualitative and quantitative evaluation analysis of olanzapine, clorazepate and escitalopram was developed.

Analytical Chemistry