N-doped carbon material modified with cobalt nanoparticles as catalyst for oxygen reduction

  • Raminta Stagniūnaitė
  • Virginija Kepenienė
  • Zita Sukackienė
  • Aldona Balčiūnaitė
  • Gediminas Niaura
  • Audrius Drabavičius
  • Mindaugas Andrulevičius
  • Ivar Kruusenberg
  • Katlin Kaare
  • Aleksandrs Volperts
  • Galina Dobele
  • Aivars Zhurinsh
  • Loreta Tamašauskaitė-Tamašiūnaitė
  • Eugenijus Norkus
Keywords: N-doped carbon, cobalt, nanoparticles, oxygen reduction


In the present study, carbon-derived material from pulping residues, such as black liquor, was doped with a cheap nitrogen precursor, dicyandiamide, and after that modified with cobalt nanoparticles using electroless metal plating. The morphology, structure and composition of the synthesised catalyst was characterised using TEM, XPS, Raman Spectroscopy and ICP-OES, whereas the activity of the prepared catalyst was evaluated for the electro-reduction of oxygen in an alkaline medium by employing the rotating disk electrode method. It has been determined that modifying of N-doped carbon material with cobalt nanoparticles results in enhanced activity for the oxygen electro-reduction as compared with that of pure N-doped carbon material.