Identification of Demodex spp. mites on human eyelashes in Lithuania

  • Asta Aleksandravičienė
  • Rasa Volskienė
  • Monika Muliuolytė
  • Daiva Šakienė
  • Žaneta Maželienė
Keywords: Demodex folliculorum, Demodex brevis, Lithuania, mites, lashes


The aim of the study was to identify the Demodex mites collected from the patients’ eyelashes from the X outpatient clinic in Lithuania and the bacteria they carry. A total of 62 mites were collected from 15 different patients who complained of redness and itchiness around the eyes, rubbing around the eye area. Morphological examination of mites was carried out with an optical microscope. The Mites’ DNA was isolated using a DNA isolation kit, bacterial amplification was performed using specific primers for amplification of the 16S RNA gene fragment. Demodex folliculiorum was identified in all the examined samples, Demodex brevis was detected in only one sample. No bacteria were detected in the analysed samples.