Abstracts of the 8th Baltic Genetics Congress

  • Algimantas Paulauskas


The 8th Baltic Genetics Congress was held in Kaunas from 22 to 24 March 2023. Its main focus was consolidation of the scientists of the Baltic countries working in various fields of genetics. The idea of the congresses of Baltic geneticist arose after the three Baltic countries had regained their independence and the academies of sciences of these countries decided that geneticists from the Baltic countries should be brought together. The first Baltic Genetics Congress took place in Vilnius in 1992; since then, four congresses have already been organised in Lithuania, and this congress is the second hosted in Kaunas.

At the 8th Baltic Genetics Congress, over 100 participants from the Baltic countries, Spain, the USA, the United Kingdom, Romania, Italy, Norway, Poland, and Ukraine took the opportunity to exchange ideas, views, and knowledge in population and evolutionary genetics, epigenetics, genomics, developmental genetics, bacterial, yeast, viral, plant, animal, and human genetics. The most important research results shared at the 8th Baltic Genetics Congress are presented here in 95 abstracts (three plenary talks, 27 oral and 65 poster presentations).

We are sincerely grateful to the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences for editorial support.