Four Tischeriidae species in Colombia, including a new Astrotischeria species: is it not too little for a megadiverse country?

  • Jonas R. Stonis
  • Arūnas Diškus
  • Wolfram Mey
Keywords: Astrotischeria, leaf miners, new species, trumpet moths


Until 2019, Tischeriidae, or trumpet moths, were totally unknown in Colombia. Here we review all currently available scanty data on the Colombian Tischeriidae and describe Astrotischeria recta Diškus, Mey & Stonis, sp. nov., a new species of trumpet moths from Valle de Cauca, Colombia. The new species is illustrated with photographs of the male genitalia, adults, and their habitats. In the current paper, we also briefly discuss the number of the Tischeriidae species in other Neotropical countries and provide renewed data.

General Biology