Trophic relationships and mining seasons of the Nepticulidae of Lithuania: an updated survey

  • Arūnas Diškus
  • Viktorija Dobrynina
Keywords: leaf mines, Lepidoptera, Lithuanian fauna, pygmy moths


This study provides updated summarised data on host-plant preferences and mining seasons of the Nepticulidae of the Lithuanian fauna. It revealed that the Lithuanian Nepticulidae are trophically associated with 34 genera and 14 families of host plants. Four of these host-plant families stand out in a number of mining Nepticulidae species and all together host about 80% of the Lithuanian Nepticulidae. As regards feeding specialisation, the fauna of the Lithuanian Nepticulidae consists of three constituents: monophagous species (about 44%), narrow oligophagous species (about 48%), and true oligophagous species (about 8%). There are two distinctive peaks of mining: the summer peak from mid-June until mid-July and the autumn peak from early September until mid-October, when most species mine simultaneously.

General Biology