Impact of forest management on wild boar (Sus scrofa) population in south Lithuania

  • Tomas Barkauskas
  • Loreta Griciuvienė
  • Olgirda Belova
  • Nomeda Bratčikovienė
Keywords: Sus scrofa, forest management, south Lithuania


We assessed the effect of the investigated felling types on the abundance of the wild boar population in south Lithuania. The study was carried out in the southern part of Prienai forest, Punia pine forest, and Kalviai forest, all located in southern Lithuania. The data on the number of the wild boar population and the hunting dynamics were gathered from six hunting seasons, from 2008 to 2014. Our results highlighted that some types of felling had negative effects on the density of the wild boar population in south Lithuania. We observed that changes in the wild boar population were not only affected by the felling of the current year, but also by that of the previous year. Further analysis of data collected over a larger area is needed to check these findings.