Effect of ionized water and stratification on the condition of Allium ursinum L. seeds

  • Regina Malinauskaitė
  • Aurelija Šaluchaitė
Keywords: wild garlic, alkaline ionized water, germination, seed diseases


One of the rarer problems that occur in growing medicinal and spice plants is ensuring the quality of the propagating material. Germination of seeds of one of these plants, Allium ursinum L., is slow. To improve that, stratification is used. In the experiment, which was carried out in Lithuania in 2016, evaluation of fourand five-week long stratification and the use of alkaline ionized (pH 8.6) water for germination affect for Allium ursinum L. seeds were evaluated. It was found that the above-mentioned intervals for stratification did not affect the beginning of seed germination. Furthermore, one of the possible reasons for slower germination was found, and it was the incidence of seed diseases caused by fungi and bacteria. Allium ursinum L. seeds were affected the most by Penicillium ssp. micromycetes. The longer the period of stratification, the more alkaline ionized water decreased the effect of Mucor ssp. micromycetes.