Promises of artistic research and its actuality. Artistic research in teatre

Ramunė Balevičiūtė


The article analyzes the phenomena of the rise of artistic research in academic research culture,its reasons and premises. On a theoretical level, artistic research is treated as a new promising paradigm of research; however, the concept of artistic research is not homologous and steady. The lack of prominent art works that would be the outcome of artistic research is considered to be the biggest handicap for a perfect reputation of artistic research. The article discusses if the contribution of artistic research to contemporary research culture as well as its significance both to academic discourse and artistic practice is not overestimated. When searching for an answer to this question, the article analyzes the advantages of artistic research and the possibilities to create specific knowledge as well as the weaknesses and controversies. In the second part of the essay, the author focuses on artistic research in theatre, particularly in acting. Finally, she suggests an alternative model of research that would involve both artists and scholars.


artistic research; practice; knowledge; embodiment; acting

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