Urticaceae-feeders from the family Tischeriidae: descriptions of two new species and new genus Paratischeria gen. nov.

Jonas R. Stonis, Arūnas Diškus, Brigita Paulavičiūtė, Alex K. Monro


We describe a  new genus Paratischeria Diškus & Stonis, gen. nov. and present the first observations of Urticaceae-feeding Tischeriidae species in South America and two new Urticaceaefeeding species (Paratischeria fasciata sp. nov. and P. ferruginea Diškus & Stonis, sp. nov. from the Andes of Bolivia and Ecuador). Together with the  African P. urticicolella (Ghesquière) (comb. nov.) from Congo, they are attributed to the newly designated ferruginea species group.


The Andes; leaf-mines; new genus; new species; Paratischeria; Phenax Wedd.; South America; Tischeriidae; Urticaceae

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.6001/biologija.v63i1.3470


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